the launch of gdpr meant godaddy had to reposition its proxy domain registration service. copy needed to promote benefits without leaning into fud or fabricating the need for a proxy registrant.

trigger video

to engage a highly savvy audience of web designers and developers, the video script combined fact with humor. Production came from a third-party agency, with distribution through organic, paid and social media.

agency plans

sucuri is always on the hunt for agencies and the myriad websites they bring. to target the busy agency owner, this fos page first presented a contact form, and then moved into more granular information.

vertical markets

to promote a new online scheduling feature, we defined vertical markets where it would be especially useful. i developed copy specific to that industry. here, we target barber shops.


when gutenberg became the default editor in wordpress, we learned our audience was far from being fans. this script was our response. production came from a third-party agency, with distribution through organic, paid and social media.

danica patrick

with danica patrick’s nascar career drawing to a close, godaddy launched a campaign to highlight the relationship. landers were indexed with seo applied, as well as backed by paid search.

ssl pitfalls

to support a broader marketing campaign, this blog post aimed to educate and entertain. in this example, we position godaddy’s managed ssl service as the cure to a pain point of web professionals.

lace ’em up

school lets out in a gritty phoenix neighborhood and kids have few options to kill time. this boxing gym welcomes them with alternative channels for teenage aggression.

ethical seo

at sucuri, we were aware that many agencies avoid the topic of website security. this landing page targeted that audience, presenting security as an ethical issue while ranking for keywords related to agency plans.

complex legal tech

part of ipro tech’s rebranding included overhauling this page for their flagship product. This extremely complex technology needed to be presented in a way that allowed both high-level scanning and a more thorough read.

$40M+ listings

at the commercial real estate arm of berkshire hathaway, I was responsible for producing content to promote listings valued over $40 million. this content included web and print collateral.

superlative security

sucuri looked to soften its authoritative brand voice. that meant a lot of colorful blog content like this, running down unlikely situations where a hack just might happen.

border report

after an arizona rancher was murdered by suspected narcotraffickers, i headed south of the border for this gonzo-esque feature.